We have well-proven and reliable reheating and heat treatment expertise, take pride in our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly and efficient combustion and temperature control technologies, excelsior product design solutions and abundant engineering experience. Oriented to the thermotech field of the steel industry, we provide consulting, engineering, procurement, EPC and energy management services for various reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces/lines, capable of “tailor-making” the best thermotech solutions and services, creating value and saving energy for the customers.
Persist in technological innovation, lead the development of the industry
Intelligent Combustion
  • Energy-saving, Eco-friendly Combustion Technologies
  • Technological Controls
  • Digitalized Industrial Furnaces
  • Ultra-low-NOx Combustion

    -Ultralow-NOx content, with NOx emisisons<100mg/Nm3(O2: 8%)。

    -Non-steady-state flame, increasing reheating efficiency by 5%.

    Oxygen-enriched Combustion

    -Higher flame temperature and emissivity, and higher reheating speed, leading to higher energy efficiency, energy-savings up to 50%;

    -Lower fire-point temperature of fuels, allowing use of low-calorific-value fuels.

    Flat-flame Combustion

    -Higher furnace wall heat transfer, with round disc-like flame, wall-attached burning;

    -Excellent temperature homogeneity, with regulation ratio  1 : 6, flame disc diameter 1m~2m.

    Adjustable-flame Combustion

    -Excellent temperature homogeneity and rigidity, with multi-stage air supply, flames of adjustable length, regulation ratio 10 : 1;

    -NOx emission <150mg/Nm3(O2: 8%)。

    Regenerative Combustion

    -Very remarkable energy-savings due to extreme recovery of waste heat, with air and gas preheating temperature 1,050ºC, fume exhaust temperature 150C;

    -Suitable to furnaces and kilns using fuel gases of different types as the fuel, particularly applicable to low-calorific-value gas-fired high-temperature reheating furnaces.

  • Technological Controls

    We provide intelligent technological control systems with independent intellectual property rights, ranging from the basic automation for reheating furnaces to intelligent management for the reheating furnace workshop. They allow our customers to realize target management of the steel billets throughout the entire reheating process, flexible organization of production process, equipment management, energy balance analysis and other functions to be tailor-made according to the specific needs of the customers.

  • Digitalized Industrial Furnaces

    By extensively using the CAE simulation technology, we have established analysis model for the whole reheating furnace, which can comprehensively and accurately analyze the reheating furnace temperature fields, flow fields and pressure fields in various design schemes.